Your Credit Report is your resume to the financial community! You owe it to yourself  to have the best profile possible.

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Your Credit Report is Your Resume to the Financial Community!

You owe it to yourself to have the best profile possible

All employees of Credit Repair Resources have industry specific skills. Each Case Manager is personally trained and overseen by the attorney for Credit Repair Resources.

Our Client Coordinators have lending backgrounds that give them industry knowledge to answer your toughest questions and navigate towards financial success.

Help Me Improve My Credit

We don’t tolerate spam. We will never share your information.

Restoring Your Credit is the First Step in Regaining Control of Your Finances

Becoming Financially Fit will give you the stability to ensure your credit challenges do not resurface!

For the first time in nearly a decade CRR has found a financial tool worthy of recommending. The Financial Fitness 47 principals taught in this book are nothing short of fascinating!

This is not a get rich plan with unrealistic expectations or unobtainable goals. It’s a real world learning experience that maps the foundation for becoming financially secure over time. It had such a profound effect on our entire staff that we have chosen to recommend it to every CRR applicant.

If you are motivated to take control of your finances, want to learn real world techniques for becoming financially stable, we believe this is the best investment you can make.



Need Credit Repair?

Credit Repair is not in every consumers’ best interest. CRR offers a FREE evaluation to every applicant in order to determine if investing in our services will benefit them. Backed by our performance warranty, you have nothing to lose but interest payments!



Why Choose CRR?

The audit methods used by Credit Repair Resources are derived from 20 years of consumer litigation experience. Consumer advocacy is our primary mission and we only accept those that may benefit from our services.



More than Dispute Letters

Credit Restoration is much more than simple dispute letters. Fully auditing credit data for maximum impact and permanent results must be coupled with an equally positive credit profile. CRR will help you get the most from your time and investment.


Help Me Improve My Credit

We don’t tolerate spam. We will never share your information.

What We Do

In 2007 Credit Repair Resources was founded with the knowledge that consumers needed help navigating credit reports and consumer rights in a fair, effective and ethical way. We researched the industry and found the reputation was less than favorable. There were blogs everywhere that highlighted bad actors promising perfect credit and other unreasonable expectations. Our foundation is built on consumer advocacy; we always put our clients’ best interests first. Much of our business comes by referral and we work hard every day to provide the highest level of service to both our clients as well as our Finance and Real Estate referral partners.

How It Works

Credit Repair Resources works hard to make the credit dispute process easy, seamless and effective for our clients. We use our knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other applicable Federal statutes to maximize your results. We are a no advance fee firm and we offer a 90 day Performance Warranty*

Program Details

Since 2007 Credit Repair Resources has strived to provide the highest level of credit services to our clients and referral partners. Through experience and feedback, we have developed a menu of programs to meet the needs of most every consumer.

Thousands of consumers have benefited from our services, and at the heart of every CRR product is the audit process developed by the attorney for Credit Repair Resources. Attorney Robert Willis, a 20 year veteran of consumer litigation has applied his experience to ensure that we are both effective and compliant with our investigation efforts.

Client Testimonials

“I have personally worked with Credit Repair Resources over the past year. Their expertise and leadership has been instrumental in helping my company serve the financial services industry. If I was personally in the need of credit repair services, I would deal with an expert who I would learn from as thousands of others have. I highly recommend Credit Repair Resources as an industry leader and reliable provider.”

Dave Hershman. Serving the Mortgage, Real Estate and Financial Services Industries for Three Decades

“I just wanted to take the time to let you all know how much I appreciate what you are doing for me. I have gotten a few letters from creditors recently that have dropped my debt. At first I was skeptical, but now I see that you guys really are helping! I checked my credit score today and it is already up a few points! Just wanted to give you a little note to let you know how pleased I am. Thank you!”

Sara G. JOb Company Name

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