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What We Do?

Clients who enroll with CRR receive credit report audit methods that have been developed over 19 years of consumer litigation.

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How it Works?

Credit Repair Resources works hard to make the credit dispute process easy, seamless and effective for our clients. We use our knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. . .


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CRR has programs to fit your needs and budget. Take a closer look and compare the cost and features of our products.

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Thousands of consumers have benefited from our services, and at the heart of every CRR product is the audit process developed by the attorney for CRR.

Credit Repair Resources Free Credit Evaluation

Identifying your best course of action to repair your bad credit comes first!

Thank you for considering Credit Repair Resources as your choice for credit restoration. We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to providing you with the highest level of service and performance.

Our goal is to offer every client the best possible advice based on their specific circumstances. Once you apply with us, your credit report will be confidentially reviewed by a credit specialist, free of charge. A Client Coordinator will then call you within 24 hours with your personal evaluation.

Credit Repair Resources is committed to the ethical practice of Credit Restoration. By reviewing your credit in advance, we will ensure that investing in credit repair will be a valuable use of your time and money. If we do not feel we can help you, we will not offer our services.

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