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For nearly a decade, Credit Repair Resources has been helping consumers with damaged credit navigate their way back to a healthy credit profile. As a licensed, bonded and insured credit repair company or CRO, we work tirelessly to provide a value added service, wealth of information, and education to our clients. Our track record and reputation precede us and it is our mission to always help people.
Unfortunately, our beloved industry has its share of ”bad actor” credit repair companies. These bad actors promise unrealistic results, claim they can increase your credit scores GUARANTEED and advertise they can remove most any negative item from a credit report, EVEN IF IT IS ACCURATE.

It is for these reasons and others that our industry is heavily regulated by the Federal Government as well as at the state level. CRR works to stay in full compliance of these laws, while continuing to offer a value added service.
We want our clients and those interested in our services to have a clear understanding of the credit repair industry and our practices. The following Frequently Asked Questions are designed to inform, educate and empower your to make an informed decision if using our services is a fit for you.

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Question: I have been told a credit repair company can’t do anything I can do myself for little or no charge. Is this true?

Answer: Short answer; Yes, this is true. There is no proprietary method for repairing credit and sample dispute letters are available all over the internet. We must disclose this to every new client we board.

With that said, it is our experience that credit reporting, scoring and consumer protection laws are complex. We apply decades of experience in lending, credit and consumer law experience to every file. An analogy to consider is filing tax returns. Some of us can file our returns on our own. Others use franchise services like Jackson Hewitt and some have complicated situations that need the help of a CPA or accounting firm.

At CRR we’ll review your credit AT NO CHARGE, then provide objective feedback on your situation so you can make an informed decision if the service fits your situation.

Question: If I can repair my credit on my own, why would I use a credit repair company?

Answer: Ultimately this is a question you have to answer on your own. What we can offer is feedback from previous and existing clients and their reasons for engaging us, so here you go:

Time: Some sign up because they simply do not have the time to research, write and follow up on the minutia of the credit repair process. Many who have suffered economic events are working and busier than ever. They just want a competent service provider to facilitate the process for them. It’s like changing the brakes on your car. You could figure it out, but is it the best use of your time and are you positive you’ll do it right?

Dispute Logic: Some of our clients have complex situations or extremely thick files. Indiscriminately disputing everything negative is not only potentially deceptive practice, it may do more harm then good. For example, did you know that disputing a negative attribute of a positive account may actually lower your scores? Also, deceptive disputes may prompt a furnisher to sue the consumer ultimately resulting in a judgment.

Industry Complexity: The credit reporting industry and systems encompasses complex consumer protection laws, credit scoring models, credit reporting agencies, data furnishers, court houses records and more. We consider ourselves career students of credit and work to provide the most effective and accurate service and education to our clients.

Follow Through: The process of repairing credit may take time. Some files have taken as long as a year to complete and staying engaged, focused and on task can be challenging to say the least. Here are CRR we are proactive and contact our clients continuously throughout the process. We do everything we can to keep the ball moving downfield.

Question: Why can’t Credit Repair Resources promise any outcome from their services?

Answer: Short answer; it is unlawful. As mentioned earlier, credit repair organizations or CRO’s are held to very stringent regulations. In order to remain compliant with Federal law, CRR cannot promise any results to our applicants. The why behind the what is important, so listen up!

Done correctly, CRO’s work to validate information on their client’s credit reports. Prior to receiving responses from the credit reporting agencies and data furnishers, we have no clue how they will respond. Saying we know what the outcome will be is deceptive, abusive and has been used by “Bad Actors” to entice consumers to enroll in their services.

Consider retaining an Attorney for specific case. He or she would risk being disbarred if they guaranteed you would win, so why would credit repair be any different? Do your homework, make the best choice for you and remember, price is what you pay and value is what you get. Speaking of price let’s discuss payment.

Question: I was told to never pay a credit repair company advance fees. Why is this?

Answer: Again, legal restrictions prevent CRO’s from charging in advance or upfront for their services. Moreover if a CRO makes claims or promises of any outcome they can be restricted from charging you for 6 months after they have provided those promised results. This would mean the CRO may not be paid for up to year after the services have been provided.

CRR stays in compliance by truly offering FREE reviews, set ups and scheduling of our client’s discovery call. It is not until our clients have read, agreed and signed our terms of service and completed their discovery call before we collect any fees. After that, we perform suites of services for our clients during each month and charge in the rears for the previous month. This is clearly defined within our agreements and disclosed prior to enrollment. Oh and we make ZERO promise of any result. For this we rely on our reputation and history of helping people accomplish their goals.

Question: Why doesn’t a CRO know what my score will be when they are done?

Answer: This may be the most important question of all. It is no secret that most consumers seek credit repair services to raise their credit score. There are other reasons like identity theft, co-mingled files and security clearance issues. But by and large, people want higher scores.

Here is the harsh reality; NO CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY CAN RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Let me repeat, no credit repair company can raise your credit score! Allow me to explain.

Our credit scores are considered risk grades and meant to predict the likelihood we will be severely delinquent on our debts typically over a 24 month period.

That is why improving your credit score is on you. True credit repair is a team sport. It’s like diet and exercise. If you don’t build muscle while you are removing the fat, your results will be minimal and disappointing.

At CRR we coach our clients and follow through with them like personal trainers. We make sure you make the best choices and have the proper “form” when working out your credit and building your scores!

Here at Credit Repair Resources, we subscribe to transparency, honesty, integrity and respect for our clients, the industry and regulation. Restoring your credit is not a straight line and as a consumer you must be willing to work either independently or together with a competent service provider. At the end of the day you have to make the best choice for you and your family. We hope this Q and A is helpful and look forward to an opportunity to show you the CRR difference.


Chad Kusner/President