Express Track Program

Our original and most popular program is Express Track. This program is ideal for those that have multiple items to investigate and want to minimize the time to repair while maximizing their results

  • Express Track allows for up to 20 challengeable items to be processed in the initial investigation period. Direct to data furnisher investigations are initiated sooner and the overall time to repair may be shortened significantly. Additionally, if necessary, CRR will send Attorney drafted demand letters to uncooperative data furnishers.
  • Since 2007, thousands of consumers have benefited from our Express Track program. At the heart of every CRR product is the audit process developed by the attorney for Credit Repair Resources. Attorney Robert Willis, a 25 year veteran of consumer litigation, has applied his experience to ensure that we are both effective and compliant with our investigation efforts.
  • Attorney Willis personally trains our case managers and continuously educates our staff on Fair Debt Collection and Fair Credit Reporting law. Although he does not represent our clients as their Attorney, they do benefit from his knowledge and experience.
  • Monthly full billing for Suites of Services is limited to 6 months with the Express Track program. Additional months of servicing beyond 6 months are billed at a reduced rate of $7.60 until CRR completes its audit or client chooses to discontinue services.
  • Of course Express Track also comes with our 90 day Performance Warranty.

CRR 90 Day Performance Warranty

CRR cannot guarantee that it will be able to improve your credit score, how long the process will take or what the exact outcome of our investigation will be. The client agrees that no such representation has been made.

However, if we are not able to assist you in removing or correcting inaccurate, outdated information from your credit report within 90 days of the date of this agreement, we will refund to you any monies paid, excluding the initial suite of services payment.

Express Track Program Cost

After the initial suite of service has been completed
For 7 payments
For any additional suites of service required beyond 6 months

Long Term Care:
For Express Track audits that exceed the 6 month time frame, CRR reduces the monthly cost for suites of service to $7.60 until the audit has been completed or the client chooses to cancel services.

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