The Credit Repair Resources Philosophy

In 2005 Credit Repair Resources was created with goal of helping consumers while filling an underserved need in the financial services industry. At that time, credit repair organizations or CRO’s carried a negative stigma and it was widely believed these companies were no more than dispute mills, churning out letters in the attempt to deceptively delete accurate information from credit reports.

CRR’s founders recognized the frustration that credit reporting caused consumers as well as what a time vampire it was to tell turndown applicants how to fix their credit. Coming from a mortgage lending background and consumer litigation, Chad Kusner and Bob Willis felt their experience could help and spent 2 years developing their business model.

The result is an advocacy based firm that puts the consumer’s best interests first, while helping lenders close more transactions. Today CRR services thousands of consumers and has lender relationships nationwide.

There is a secret sauce that makes CRR the first choice for lenders to refer their clients with credit issues. Where many CRO’s will offer their services to anyone with a credit card, we only offer our services to those that may benefit from credit repair. We have specific process for approving files, and all applicants are carefully screened by an expert before our client coordinators can engage the consumer (think loan officer/underwriter relationship.) We can document a decline rate of 20-23% of our applicants. This demonstrates our commitment to putting customers first.

Moreover, we understand that our referral partners want to fund as many transactions as possible regardless if the applicants need credit repair or not. That is why we offer free consulting services to all clients that are declined. We understand what it takes to boost scores and will do everything we can to return your lost opportunities as fundable clients. Whether it’s adding new credit, paying down existing balances or settling accounts, we guide them so our partners can focus on their next opportunity.

What are CRR’s Core Values?

As a referral based business for more than a decade, we understand how important it is for your referrals to receive the same care and service you provide. The way we treat your clients, are a direct reflection on you and we never take that for granted.

As an organization, we have dedicated ourselves to providing world class service, outstanding performance and integrity to both our clients and referral partners. Each day we focus on providing the WOW experience in everything we do.

Our Core Focus: Concise Process and Constant Refinement

Audit Process

CRR’s Concise Audit Process

All credit repair is not equal. Where some CRO’s outsource their work and others still “mill” letters over and over to credit reporting agencies, CRR takes a much different approach.

Every CRR client receives a personal on site Case Manager or CM. Our CM’s all have extensive backgrounds in underwriting, lending or paralegal work. They understand credit reporting intimately and continuously trained on consumer laws by the Attorney for CRR.

The Attorney for CRR has developed our repair/investigation process through more than 22 years of litigation experience focused on Fair Debt Collection and Fair Credit Reporting law. We have a concise process that highly effective that ultimately concludes with a CFPB inquiry when necessary. Here are more details about the CRR Process.

Constant Refinement

We continually improve our processes, study case law and stay informed on the latest developments in credit reporting. Credit repair is as fluid as practicing law. There is no cut and dry answer to most every question about credit. Staying informed allows us to perpetually improve our efficacy as a credit repair organization.

Constant Refinement

Referral Partners

Key Differentiators from our Competitors:

A common question we’re asked is; what differentiates you in a sea of credit repair companies? At CRR, we fully understand that “the proof is in the pudding” and many make claims of being the best. With that being said, we can substantiate the following dynamics elevate us to a standard that many often only aspire to.

Setting Expectations

A key misstep other CRO’s make is to over promise results in order to obtain a sale. We will never tell a partner or client what they WANT to hear in order to get their business. We subscribe to brutal honesty and unwavering effort. There is no magic bullet in credit repair. By forecasting realistic results, we protect our reputations and temper the client’s expectations.




Security and automation are a priority here at CRR. We continuously reinvest into our software and compliance. CRR is paperless, secure and has protocols in place to protect the privacy of our clients and security of their data.

We have the ability to integrate with most any software platform and can custom program to meet the most challenging needs. Our soon to be implemented client and partner system is among the most advance available providing robust reporting and insights.

Performance Metrics

We understand that lost opportunities are just that until they are mortgage ready. Our lender partners have expressed the need to spend as little time possible with their “when” pipelines so they can focus on new opportunities.

Our partner portal provides an at a glance view of their entire pipeline by milestone or stage in the process. There is no guesswork about where your opportunities are.

Additionally we provide detailed report cards to our partners every time we update a client’s file. This essentially allows them to set and forget their active pipeline. We let you know when it is time to re-pull credit.


Business Meeting


CRR President Chad Kusner is the Secretary and Director of the National Association of Credit Service Organizations or NACSO. Mr. Kusner is actively working to improve compliance standards within his company and the credit repair industry as a whole.

He has personally met with regulators in Washington including members of the CFPB, FTC, Congress and more. CRR acts in full compliance of the Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act or CROA, Dodd Frank Act, TCPA Act as well as Red Flag rules in regards to dealing with nonpublic personal data.

Our website and software are all secured with SSL certificates and client data is encrypted behind a firewall-protected server. All calls are scripted, monitored, recorded and maintained for 24 months. Our facility is secure and monitored 24/7 by video throughout.

Service / Experience

Finally, all of the above would be meaningless if we did not provide an amazing experience for our clients and partners. We firmly subscribe to the “Raving Fans” philosophy and do whatever possible to ensure we exceed expectations. Our culture is to WOW not only our clients and partners, but each of us within the organization. Our staff is encouraged to read, learn and grow in the effort to provide this level of service. We keep a library of growth and business oriented books and make it available at all times.

In closing, all credit repair is not created equal and the devil is in the details. At CRR we are constantly looking around the next corner to see how we may improve in every facet of the organization.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to becoming an extension of your staff.

Chad Kusner/President
Chad Kusner/President
Credit Repair Resources LLC