Dedicated Case Manager
Attorney Developed Audit
Custom Credit Building Action Plan
45 Day Detailed Report Cards
6 Month Performanace Warranty
90 Day Performance Warranty
Attorney Drafted Demand Letters
Direct Case Manager Access
Unlimited Account Investigations Per Round*
Report CRR Payments to All 3 Bureaus
Credit Monitoring Services Included
Rent Reporting Discount Eligible
Credit Ready Track
One payment, after First Work
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Express Track
One payment, after First Work
Monthly, for 7 Payments Max
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Mortgage Track
One payment, after First Work
Monthly, for 7 Payments Max
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Looking to only pay for results?

Check our CRR's Pay for Performance Program

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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.
What the difference between Express and Mortgage Track?

The Mortgage Track and Express programs are nearly identity. The only difference is the amount of accounts we investigate in Express. Express has a maximum of four accounts reporting on all three credit reports. Mortgage Track allows unlimited account investigations*. *Files with more than 20 accounts requires a $100 surcharge.

Why is Essentials less expensive than Express or Mortgage Track?

Some of our clients have more time than resources or may be in long term rental agreements and don’t need to rush the repair process. Essentials is a budget priced program that allows our clients to get to work without breaking the bank. You still get the same great service as our other programs; it just takes a little longer to complete the program.

What the difference between 90-day and 6-month Performance Warranties?

Our CRR 90-day performance warranty applies to our Express and Mortgage Track programs. Because these programs are designed to last 3-6 months, we typically achieve results sooner than the Essential program. The Essentials 6-month performance warranty has the same refund policy, we just need more time to achieve measurable results.

Why would I want to use the Pay for Performance program?

Pay for performance is a program that allow you to pay only for accounts that are corrected or deleted. Although it can be more costly than our subscription-based programs, it gives our clients the option to pay based on our success. As an example, deleted collections cost $50 per bureau. If it is removed from all three reports, the total for the one account is $150. This can add up quickly if you have a thick or deep file.

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