Credit Tools

Below are our preferred credit building tools and credit monitoring sites. We hand pick them so you don’t have to!

Credit Building Tools

Credit Builder Card
The Credit Builder Card is a secured credit card that has no credit score requirement and reports all bureaus 6 times a month!
Apply for Credit Builder Card
OpenSky Secured Visa
OpenSky Secured Visa requires no credit check to apply. It reports to all 3 bureaus and can convert to an unsecured card after 6 months.
Apply for OpenSky
Arro Card
The Arro Card has up to a $200 starting credit limit that can be increased over time. It is NOT a secured card.
The Arro Card
Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa
Earn a $200 bonus and enjoy unlimited cash back—3% on Home, Auto, Health, and 1% on all else. No annual fee, contactless payments.
Upgrade Rewards Visa
My Auto Loan
Save up to $2,000 with our online auto financing and refinancing. Apply now and receive up to 4 loan offers.

Credit Monitoring Tools

myScore IQ offers all three credit reports and credit scores, along with credit monitoring.
Get started with MyScoreIQ
Smart Credit
Smart Credit offers detailed credit reports, scores and robust money management tools for just $29 a month.
Set Up My Smart Credit

Debt/Budgeting Assistance

Private Student Loan Debt Assistance: 1) Free assessments; 2) Low fees and no hidden costs; 3) Effectively negotiate lower settlements; 4) No Attorney's fees
Visit MyCreditCounselor
Sensible Living Coach
Certified Financial Educator that can help with a financial review, budgeting and coaching to take control of your financial journey.
Visit Sensible Living Coach

Business Credit

CapLadder helps you build your business credit correctly so you can get the credit and funding you need.
Visit CapLadder


Credit Repair Resources applies a multitude of consumer laws on behalf our clients. Below are links to some of the more prominent statutes for your reference.



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