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Identity Theft 101: Password Protection Best Practices

Hacking, Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Phishing Attacks, Malware are just a few ways our personal information can be compromised. Today it is as important to protect our private data as it is to protect our personal health. With so much of our information available at a click of a button, it can be seem overwhelming [...]

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Phantom Debt Collectors are REAL!

Phantom Debt Collectors are REAL! For many Americans, it is. These harassing, threatening calls can get perfectly rational people to pay debts they are certain they do not owe. “It was worth it just to stop the calls” a client recently told me. You will know a Phantom Debt Collector when they call because they [...]

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The Fine Art of Negotiating Collections!

Dear Readers, Many of our clients have collections and other debt that is properly verified through our audit process and must be settled. The following is a suggested action plan and verbiage we give our clients when contacting debt collectors and negotiating payment.  We hope you find it useful in negotiating collections. When a debt [...]

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Can Debt Collectors Call My Family?

Clients often call me to complain about a debt collectors calling their relatives in regard to their debt. “Isn’t it illegal to talk to my relatives about my debt”, the client will ask. After 3 years of law school and 20 years of practice, I can give them this definitive answer: It depends. Surprisingly, it [...]

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